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Katie White Saskatchewan

Katie White is Coordinator of Learning for the North East School Division in Saskatchewan, Canada and an author and Assessment Associate for Solution Tree, in addition to being an independent educational consultant. With more than 30 years of experience in education, she has been a system leader, an administrator, a learning coach, and a K–12 classroom teacher and online teacher.

Katie was an integral part of her school division’s multiyear journey through renewed curricula and standards/outcome-based assessment and reporting. Through her work at the system level, she has developed an integrated understanding of the relationships between learning, curriculum, assessment, instruction, environment, data, Response to Intervention, resource deployment, and system strategic planning. Her work with educators supports both a holistic understanding of learners and how they interact with our school systems alongside an in-depth refinement of practices that support teaching and learning in classrooms. Her

focus is on helping educators develop a personalized understanding of the connections between curriculum, assessment, and instruction through a growth in leadership, confidence, and understanding.


To see the work of Katie and some of her assessment colleagues, visit the Solution Tree website


Katie has worked as a contracted writer and assessment expert for various groups, including the Saskatchewan Professional Development Unit, authoring their provincial assessment training, as well as the LEGO Company as a creativity and assessment specialist. Katie has also consulted with the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation to develop the assessment and instructional support documents "Archery in Saskatchewan Schools" and "Fish in Schools". Katie is the current president of the non-profit Canadian Assessment for Learning NetworkHer books include Softening the Edges: Assessment Practices that Honor K-12 Teachers and Learners, Unlocked: Assessment as the Key to Everyday Creativity in the Classroom, and Student Self-Assessment: Data Notebooks, Portfolios and Other Tools to Advance Learning. Her fourth book, Concise Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Assessment and Grading was co-authored with Cassandra Erkens, Jadi Miller, and Tom Schimmer.

She received a Bachelor of Education and Master of Education in Curriculum Studies from the University of Saskatchewan.

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