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I am available for keynote/conference presentations as well as school and district/ division-based workshops and consulting.

Below are samples of my recent presentations. I am willing to tailor my work with you to suit your specific needs. For further details or bookings, please contact me at


Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment

- How Changing One Thing Changes Everything: Clarifying a Learning Continuum

- A District’s Journey Into Standards/ Outcome-Based Learning, Assessment, and Reporting

- Unlocking Creativity in the Classroom

- Inviting Student Growth Through Self-Assessment

- Formative Assessment in a Standards/Outcome-Based World

- Making Connections: Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment through the lens of Understanding by Design

- Using Assessment to Explore Thinking (Improving Processes by Looking at Products)

- Making Sense of English Language Arts

- Unpacking Outcomes: An Integrated Approach

- Changes in Education: PD for Substitute Teachers

- The Pathway to Optimal Student Learning: Assessment Creation and Response

- Strategies for Making Thinking Visible

- Student Self-Assessment

- Softening the Edges: Assessment Practices that Honour K-12 Teachers and Learners

- Analyzing and Responding to Assessment Evidence


- Leading for Learning

- The Truth About Teaching: PD for New Teachers

- Building the Literacy Toolkit for Administrators

- Using Data to Grow Learning

- Women Who Lead

- Leadership Through an Assessment Lens

- Strategies for Facilitating Change

- Leading Through Story

System Planning for Learning

- Vision into Reality

- Aligning our Work, Focus on Learning

- Here’s What, So What, Now What


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