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I have several areas in which I facilitate, coach and present. I engage in this work in both face-to-face and virtual contexts. Some of my most recent sessions are described below. However, my preference is to co-construct sessions and series with hosts to best meet the needs of the groups with whom I work.

Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

I specialize in any professional learning that focuses on assessment design, analysis and response. I can share information and research, work with teachers to create systems and tools, and offer support through targeted coaching. If there is an aspect of exploring the connections between curriculum, instruction and assessment that a team wants to explore, I can dive in! I have worked in a variety of contexts, including many provinces and territories, states and international schools.

  • Softening the Edges: Assessment Practices that Honour K-12 Teachers and Learners

  • Assessment that Nurtures Social-Emotional Health

  • Student Self-Assessment

  • Designing Assessment Effectively

  • Analyzing and Responding to Assessment Evidence

  • Unlocking Creativity through Assessment

  • Intersections and the Art of Assessment

  • Feedback that Works

  • Standards-focused Learning and Assessment (includes Competencies and Outcomes)

  • Navigating a Changing Assessment Paradigm

  • Making Assessment Count: Powerful Formative Assessment

  • How Changing One Thing Changes Everything: Clarifying a Learning Continuum

  • Leveraging Learning Targets

  • Responding to Diverse Needs

  • Differentiation through Assessment

  • Scaling Up Our Assessment Systems

  • Balanced Assessment

  • Student Accountability in the World of Assessment

  • Playing in the Sandbox: Developing Assessment Tools

  • Proficiency Indicator

  • When Push Comes to Shove: Grading and Reporting to Communicated Learning

Leading for Learning and Strategic Planning


I have worked with departments, coaches, schools and systems to guide their work. I center my work through a student-focused lens and invite teams to consider multiple, connected aspects of their strategic work to facilitate change and growth. I favour systems that are moving to flattening the hierarchy of leadership in education and embracing a holistic approach to adult learning..


  • The Truth About Teaching: PD for New Teachers

  • Using Data to Grow Learning

  • Leading Differently; Leading from the Middle

  • Women Who Lead

  • Leadership Through an Assessment Lens

  • Strategies for Facilitating Change

  • Leading Through Story

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